Another Sam Bridger special!
Last time around it was the history of music fans – this time it’s about the five kaleidoscopic years between 1965 and 1970 known as Psychedelic Music.

Psychedelic Britannia was on BBC Four last night and hopefully it will stay on BBC iPlayer for a little while longer than usual.

It was fantastic working with Sam again. This time we decided to have three different camera set-ups at our disposal. With our previous ‘Fans’ documentary we had used the Sony FS700 (with Odyssey7Q) as A camera and the Sony A7S as B camera, but this time we threw a couple more toys into the mix.

Weapons of Choice

The newest addition to my Sony family of cameras is the Sony FS7. This became our A camera and the FS700 slid down to become a B camera, but rather than have it shoulder-mounted we kept it as small as possible, turning it into more of a ‘hold in the hand’ type camera. This left the Sony A7S which we decided to pair with the DJI Ronin-M and we used this for some of the live performances.

Ronin-M with A7S for live performances
Ronin-M with A7S for live performances

All in all the system worked really well. We shot it all in S-Log2 so as to best match the cameras. Sam and I were really happy with the outcome and it was such a blast to bring this period of our nation’s musical history to life.

Below is a short clip taken from the finished film as well as a couple of BTS snaps…



The Psych Crew with guest member Twink
The Psych Crew with guest member Twink

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